Dragon Ball Life is a top down 2D action-rpg MMO with life elements. It is mainly PVE designed but includes PVP mechanics. It originally started solo with KuroChi in 2020 but eventually turned into a small team of four going by the name of TreeFiddy Studios. It is a hobby project for all members involved. Current members are KuroChi (Code), Elk-Jiro (Icons/Bug Testing/Community Help), Yaira(Icons/Visual Design), and Pocket (Concept Design/Bug Testing).

Use multiple types of equipment, items, and activities to endlessly grow your battlepower and stats! There is punching bags, weights, weighted clothes, gravity machines, potential to be unlocked and many NPCs to fight and explore in a massive world with many planets.

There are 7 different life skills used to enhance the experience and gain of you and your friends. These include fishing, farming, cooking, mining, tailoring, tinkering, and engineering. There are many items to be crafted, sold, bought, or farmed.

Join one of the three factions.. Frieza Force, Galactic Patrol, or Red Ribbon Army! Each with unique rewards which require rising up in the ranks and defending your faction.
Participate in capture the flag-like events that help claim territory for your faction and grow its worth!

Over 20 quests of different types, some inspired by ideas from the anime and some just a unique experience of its own.

An epic system which rolls one characters life experiences into the next while opening up a new tier of power to be obtained. This system helps create a constantly changing few top players while also making it worth your time to train up again.. maybe as a different race!